The freedom of distribution

At Telloport we help you to exchange physical goods like you do in the digital world. Sending, receiving, collecting and delivering a physical item is as easy as sending an email or sharing a picture

The Telloport distriSPOT solutions enable
Anyone to exchange Anything, Anywhere at Anytime
in a secure, digital and easy way.

About us

Telloport provides solutions and builds ecosystems for the unattended delivery, collection, return, rental and sharing of physical goods and locations. Our so-called distriSPOTs are smart, secure, digitized distribution points that have many applications and can take multiple forms. (Smart- lockers, containers, doors, gates, boxes, vans, ...) This way we ensure that everyone can safely exchange physical goods anywhere and anytime, 24/7.

distriSPOTs can be installed anywhere, at your shops, at your customer, in the office, at warehouses, at construction sites, indoor & outdoor.

The Telloport solutions are used in different industries to optimize the supply chain processes, provide better services, save costs and enable new business models.

If you believe in our vision and share our values we look forward to work with you on your next distriSPOT project.

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Our Values

Do one thing and do it better than anyone else.
distriSPOT solutions is what we do.
Nothing else.

The only way to create value for our customers, employees and partners.

Continuous improvement and always challenging the status quo.

In the integrity, reliability and fairness of our People, Business, Solutions, Partners and Customers.

Ready to get started?

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Telloport can help you to create more time, money and joy.