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Comfort, security and sustainability combined in 1

The chargingSPOT extends the lockerSPOT with battery charging capabilities. All part of the distriSPOT ecosystem supporting all software modules PuDo, Lending, Vending, ….

  • Power connection within each locker
  • Extended with specific charging units like E-bike charging stations

The chargingSPOT are used within different usecases.

  • Within industrial context to charge all kind of devices and tools used within the factory, warehouse, workshop, …
  • Within the office environment to charge office tools like Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, scanners, …
  • In a public context to charge E-Bikes, steps, personal devices ….

E-bike charging station

E-bikes are locked and charged, bags and bike gear are stored and batteries can get charged, are securely in the chargingSPOT. All in place for a carefree day at work or a visit to the city. 

Smart City Services

Support local commerce, improve the cross-channel customer experience. Integrate the distriSPOT solutions with the e-commerce service of local shops?   Promote local purchases to the visitors with delivery in the lockerSPOT. 

Contributing to the environment, attracting city tourism and supporting the local economy was never so easy.

Compact & Eco-friendly

One car parking spot can lock&charge 7 e-bikes.


Ergonomic access to chargers and no loss of keys or forgetting codes.


Prevent stolen e-bikes, batteries, GPS and get them securely charged while enjoying the city.

Ready to get started?

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