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The Telloport distriSPOT is a dynamic, automated, secure distribution point that can take multiple forms and can be installed at any location.

The distriSPOT solution ensures that Anyone can safely exchange physical goods Anywhere at Anytime. Everybody can Dropoff, Pickup, Return, Exchange all types of goods and parcels of any size.

These distriSPOTs, are smart-, lockers, boxes, vans, doors, gates, …. and are installed at any location; warehouses, shops, companies, yards, factories, offices, public places, parkings, … both indoor and outdoor.

distriSPOTs automate and optimise logistics for anyone (customers, suppliers, employees, couriers, field service, partners,…)

No time wasted. distriSPOTs give access to physical goods 24/7, when it suits, before, during and after working hours.

Any location can be turned into a distriSPOT. Indoor or outdoor. In a locker, a container, a van, a box. Public or private, shared or individual.

Smart Controller

Transforming any location in to a distriSPOT, a SMART and SECURE location to exchange goods.


Cloud based platform to manage your distriSPOT ecosystem. Manage users, transactions, access, reporting, … Standalone or integrated via our REST API. Allowing easy integration with your existing business processes and systems.

Mobile Keys

Provide anyone the proper access at any time, using unique, digital keys. Exchange via e-mail, SMS, Social Channels or Mobile Apps. Pincodes, QR-code, barcodes, RFID/NFC or a combination of choice.


Start small and scale with your business needs with the right combination of spot sizes. Seamlessly extend modules with no limits

User Friendly

 Start in one click, with or without integration with your IT. No training required.


End-to-end track & trace. No loss of goods. No improper use. Burglary proof.

Ready to get started?

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