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The lockerSPOT, your modular Smart Locker EN

Want a smart locker that has it all? The lockerSPOT offers everything you need. It starts by featuring the distriSPOT technology in a modular, scalable, flexible locker design that can be used indoor and outdoor.

User Friendly

21’display, clear instructions, lights in and outside the lockers for clear visibility


Robust, burglar proof solution with 24/7 remote monitoring, video survailance and sensor detection to guarantee deliveries

Scale to fit your needs

Mix & match a wide variety of locker sizes to fit any parcel size

in- and outdoor use

Designed for in- and outdoor use. Weather resistant and waterproof

by optimizing your processes and creating a
24/7 time-window.

save money, make money using the Telloport distriSPOT solutions.

Get happy users, customers, employees, suppliers. Less stress more job satisfaction.

Main Module

The Main Module is the heart and brain of your solution.  Regardless of the size of your lockerSPOT. It runs all the software, controls all the extensions and hosts the user through the experience.

Modular design

You can create, and modify your distriSPOT locker combining the lockerSPOT modules. Below you can find some examples of available modules. These can be modified to fit your specific needs. You can start with the Main Module and add capacity as you grow.  Thanks to the ultimate modularity of lockersizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL) you can easily adapt to your business needs.

2face lockerSPOT

Most comfort for fenced installations 

Get the maximum comfort for the couriers, suppliers and the least disturbance for your reception desk, security guards and internal users.  The 2Face lockerSPOT makes each locker accessible from both sides, allows couriers and suppliers to deliver goods without access to the terrain and provides optimal integration in the existing infrastructures.

The value of the Telloport solutions

Getting control over the supply chain from suppliers, to customers and internally within the organisation is an increasing challenge for every company. Late deliveries, limited availability of skilled workforce, missing critical goods for your business operations, … this all leads to frustrations, loss of time and money and has a negative impact on the success of your business…

Telloport solutions are designed to solve these problems.

With our distriSPOTs, we provide access to physical goods for anyone, anytime and anywhere, through a wide variety of smart locations.  

Whether you use the distriSPOTs for PickUp/Drop off of parcels, vending of consumer goods, lending of equipment or any application of your choice, our cloud platform provides unique secure access through mobile keys and a fully automatic E2E supply chain flow, monitoring and reporting capabilities, tailored to your processes.

Ready to get started?

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Telloport can help you to create more time, money and joy.