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The most compact SPOT for high-volume and small items

Want a smart vending machine that has is all? The multiSPOT offers everything you need.  It starts by featuring the distriSPOT ecosystem, supporting all software modules Vending, Pudo, Lending and Payment in a compact design, storing and issuing from 90 upto 1116 items in 1 square meter.

The mulitSPOT is the best solution for typical fast moving materials, such as: PPE, gloves, protective glasses, respirators, face masks, tools, screwdrivers, screws, wrenches, blades, drills, … The location size can vary from 8x8x43cm to 16x26x43cm. It combines the maximized capacity with easiness and convenience of supply. The multiSPOT is equiped with automatic doors.

User Friendly

Easy user interface via large terminal, clear instructions.


Assign user rights, quota and avoid improper use of goods.


Scale the location sizes to your needs and combine with lockerSPOT for larger items.


Insight in the use of the system and the goods via clear reporting and statistics, who, what, where, when, stock management, …


Automatic doors reduce the risk of sharing bacteria and viruses, dirt contamination and it makes the whole process faster and easier.

by optimizing your processes and creating a
24/7 time-window

save money, make money using the Telloport distriSPOT solutions.

Get happy users, customers, employees, suppliers. Less stress more job satisfaction.

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