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distriSPOT Platform

With the online, cloud based management platform, user-, transaction management and real-time reporting was never so easy.  The distriSPOT Platform is built for convenience.  You can get started without involvement of IT.  This platform delivers you all you need to create and manage your transactions and users; to guarantee unique mobile keys and to create ultimate transparency through reports about who, when, where and what has been exchanged.  

You can get started fully standalone without any IT integration or go a full end-to-end integration using our standard REST API. Our experts are ready to help.   

Stand-alone or integrated

You can do all this directly in the distriSPOT platform, separate from your IT environment or we can integrate the distriSPOT functionality in your existing internal applications.


The distriSPOT Platform runs in the cloud, is always on and stands for secure access management. It generates for each transaction unique mobile keys, one for the sender and one for the receiver.

Digital Keys

No more hastle with lost keys or forgotten digit codes. The distriSPOT platform sends for each transaction an e-mail and/or SMS with a unique barcode, QR code, pincode or a combination of all. Prefer to authenticate with the user’s RFID badge? distriSPOTs can support this as well!

Ready to get started?

Do you want to know how the distriSPOT can help you, please contact us!

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